MVHS Fine Arts: One Act Play "Antic Spring" by Robert Nail

MVHS Fine Arts: One Act Play "Antic Spring" by Robert Nail
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Medina Valley High School Fine Arts Department will perform the UIL One Act Play "Antic Spring". The performance will be at the Performing Arts Center on Thursday, May 12, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. and Admission is Free.

We are so proud of the Cast & Crew who have received recognition at the District 29 5A competition.

Honor Crew: Mya Lewis

All-Star Cast: Brianna Carrion

Honorable Mention All-Star Cast: Bailey Bauer

This is a comedy placing emphasis on pantomime and character portrayal, it needs only six chairs- to represent an open touring car. 

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In the car are young people of high school age going on a picnic. There is Ginger, earnest and overbearingly sunny; Robert, the sensitive 

We hope you come out an enjoy the show!one, impressed only by poetry (or ants, as a hilarious final scene proves); Blossom, the exuberant and idiotic teenager; Sam and Gwendolyn, the lovers who live-- in thirty minutes-- a life of adolescent violence, ranging from rage to young soulfulness; and Elbert, the little brother who looks with noisy criticism on their actions and suffers their company only for the food likely to be served. The relations of these, oddly assorted six, put to the trials and tribulations of a picnic, result in situations of merriment and in dialog flippant, fast and rich in performance possibilities.