Board Approves Pay Raises For 2014

Board Approves Pay Raises For 2014



The Medina Valley I.S.D. Board of Trustees approved a 3% mid-point pay increase for all employees at their monthly meeting held, June 23, 2014. The salary increase brings the starting teacher salary to $47,000 up from $46,000 in 2013-14.

“Our entire school community is appreciative to the Board of Trustees for their vote of confidence,” said Superintendent of Schools, James Stansberry. “Because of conservative financial stewardship, the Board has been able to approve a balanced budget and employee pay increases for over 20 years. These types of increases are only possible when all budget managers and staff work together for the benefit of tax payers and students.”

The compensation package included a $165 per month ($1,650 per year) increase for all teachers, a 3% mid-point increase for all administrative/professional positions and a 3% mid-point increase for all clerical/paraprofessional and manual trades positions.

Assistant Superintendent for Business & Operations, Paul Holzhaus, reported to the Board that the compensation package touched on all areas of the school community and also accounted for student enrollment growth in the future. In 2013-14, MVISD grew by 7% and enrolled 240 new students bringing the district enrollment total to nearly 4,000.

“We have some very dedicated employees who are working tirelessly to make our District one of the best in the San Antonio area,” Holzhaus said. “Our research has shown that our professional salaries and hourly rates are at, or above, market value. The District believes that this will continue to make our school community highly desirable to applicants.”

Other highlights of the compensation package also include: the addition of 15 new district-wide professional positions; an increase in the daily rates for substitute teachers and new supplemental pay stipends for middle school robotics and elementary U.I.L. sponsors.

In comparison to other neighboring school districts, Medina Valley continues to be extremely competitive in the San Antonio job market. The current starting median salary in the greater San Antonio area is $47,143. Northside ISD, the largest in the area with 98,000 students, is only $2,700 above that of Medina Valley teachers.

“Our base pay is competitive when compared to larger school districts,” Holzhaus said. “We believe that teachers and employees are attracted to our district because of our compensation, close proximity to San Antonio and positive school culture.”

The approval of the compensation package is only the first phase of the overall budget approval process. The adoption of a tax rate and other pertinent budgetary expenditures will be discussed and approved at later meetings in July and August.