Welcome to Medina Valley Independent School District Program for Gifted and Talented Students

Medina Valley Independent School District provides a program that is academic in nature and is designed to enhance the educational opportunities for students exhibiting exceptional academic abilities. Scheduling of program activities will be established and coordinated through the GT Coordinator in collaboration with campus administration and teachers to fully maximize the opportunities for each gifted student. At the elementary level, all teachers in the district have met the GT state requirements in order to provide differentiated instruction that utilizes the following instructional strategies: curriculum compacting, tiered assignments, flexible grouping, and independent research projects. In addition, the GT Coordinator will serve gifted students through a pull out design each week.

The mission of Medina Valley Independent School District’s Gifted and Talented Educational Program is to provide an environment where gifted students can collaboratively and individually develop their critical thinking skills to their maximum potential and begin to use those skills to make valuable contributions to society and to interact effectively within society.

GT Coordinator

Julie Oppelt