MVISD Information

Mission Statement

Medina Valley Independent School District will provide its students with a superior and diverse education that inspires excellence, promotes accountability and values, and encourages all students to achieve their highest potential.

Shared Vision

Our Students will:

• Be passionate and responsible in their learning and in life
• Be well-rounded emotionally, socially, and academically
• Demonstrate strong values and pride through their actions and beliefs
• Follow an educational path that allows them to explore academic and/or vocational career possibilities
• Be equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources for their future
• Contribute positively as members of our community and society

Our learning environment will provide:
• State-of-the-art and relevant technology and facilities
• Consistent and effective communication between the home, school, and district
• Classroom experiences focused on student engagement and learning
• Opportunities for parents and staff to work together for student success
• A staff that is highly qualified, valued, and offered ongoing opportunities for growth
• Settings that are both physically and emotionally safe

Our district and community will work together to:
• Provide real-life learning opportunities to prepare students for the workforce
• Encourage and provide parental involvement and engagement to support the learning environment
• Provide a variety of educational programs with appropriate curriculum
• Support a growing and diverse population
• Build partnerships that are mutually beneficial
About Medina Valley ISD
Medina Valley I.S.D. is located just 20 minutes west of downtown San Antonio on U.S. Highway 90. The District is comprised of approximately 4,500 students and has 5 campuses: 3 elementary, 1 middle school and 1 high school. The proud students of the Panther Nation come from the cities of Castroville, La Coste, Rio Medina, Dunlay, Mico and parts of San Antonio. Over the past several years, Medina Valley has seen consistent growth in student enrollment and now averages 225 new students a year. The District consistently outscores all State averages in accountability ratings and testing. The school community is constantly changing with new facilities and building additions being added from year to year. The District excels in all academic and extracurricular activities and has a large fan base for all activities. For more campus information, you can contact the campuses directly.