Testing and Identification Process

Gifted and talented students are identified according to the state’s definition of giftedness.


“A gifted and talented student is a child or youth who performs at or shows the potential for performing at a remarkably high level of accomplishment when compared to others of the same age, experience, or environment and who exhibits high performance capability in an intellectual, creative, or artistic area, possesses an unusual capacity for leadership, or excels in a specific academic field.” Texas Education Code, Subchapter D, 29.121






The assessment process consists of three steps:

  1. Nomination of students for the program (students can be nominated by a parent, teacher, campus administrator, or self).

  2. Screening of students using appropriate instruments and

  3. Selection of students using a district matrix for whom the gifted program is an appropriate educational placement.

Data is collected from three sources to determine possible placement in the gifted program:

  • CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test)-quantitative

  • IOWA (Complete Core)-quantitative

  • SIGS (Home/School inventory)-qualitative

MVISD will utilize a universal screener for all 2nd graders in the district to identify those who are potentially gifted. If any indicators are present, the student will be referred for further testing. We currently use the NNAT2 as our universal screener.


Through an open referral system, a formal referral window has been established as follows:


Kindergarten: nominations in January

1st-5th grade: nominations in March

6th-12th grade: nominations in September


**Please contact the campus counselor for the necessary referral paperwork.